From east Austin, Melogrand was formed by three former members of art-pop group The Story Of. A long time friend from Ohio moved from California to fill their sound. Through their love of melody and sonic expansion, the psych-pop sound of Melogrand began to emerge.

In the spring of 2010, Melogrand recorded a two-song 7″ at Jim Eno’s Public Hi-Fi with engineer Matt Colecchi, releasing 100 hand-printed albums and playing only a handful of shows.

When it came time to record their full length, they decided to woodshed in their east Austin studio. When recording at Public Hi-Fi, the 7″ was tracked with minimal overdubs right to tape, committing to decisions on the fly. While on the east side, they took the polar opposite approach; tracking layers upon layers, making a lush soundscape of reverberated vocals and room-filled tracks. After capturing the principle rhythm tracks with Mike & Brian, Alex & David took a journey into the abyss of tonal and melodic landscapes, meticulously striving to capture an essence trail blazed by Alex’s demos. Between long tracking sessions, discussions about Wall Street bankers and the nature of consciousness filled the air on their front porch, finding it’s way into the lyrical content of the album.

After 13 months of recording, mixing, [re]crafting and overdubbing, the album began to find the delicate cohesion they were striving to acquire. Once the mix was complete, the tracks were sent to John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone to undergo the alchemical process of transmuting the layers of ones and zeros into electrical current, finally capturing the music to tape as magnetic waves.

Their music blends a mix of pop sensibility, psych-laden landscapes with touches of electro-pop.

Melogrand released their debut LP, Waves for the Ages on 2.21.2012. The song “All the Young” was featured on ABC’s Private Practice in May 2012.

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